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Upton Castle

About Upton Castle

Located near Cosheston and the river Cleddau, Upton Castle is a privately-owned Norman Castle surrounded by charming gardens and woodland.  Its early history is still something of a mystery, but it is thought that the chapel dates from the middle of the 12th century.

Three of the original towers and the shell of the great hall still stand today although the inhabited part of the castle mainly dates from the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries.

Gireldus Cambrensis made the first record of the castle in 1200.  In the 14th century the castle was occupied by the Norman family of Maliphant whose effigies can be seen in the chapel.  In the 16th century the castle passed by marriage to Owen ap Gryffed a descendant who took the name of Bowen.

Late in the 18th century the castle passed to John Tasker who spent much of his life with the East India Company and from him it passed to his descendants the Evans.

In 1927 Vice Admiral Tasker Evans sold the castle to Stanley Neale a ship owner from Cardiff who undertook the landscaping and planting of the gardens. 

In 2007, for only the third time in 750 years, Upton Castle was sold again.  It is now owned and

occupied by Stephen and Prue Barlow.

Upton Castle in Pembrokeshire

What's to come with Upton Castle...  


We're planning to interview the owners of Upton Castle in October this year, to talk about new findings and the potential for a further archaeological dig. 

Heritage Tours 001 | Howard Rudge |  Upton Castle

Heritage Tours 001 | Howard Rudge | Upton Castle

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